Our Hardanger fiddles are inspired ...

by different types of traditional fiddles by outstanding fiddle makers of the past, such as Gunnar Røstad, Olav G. Helland from Telemark or Trond Botnen from Hardanger. We are making fiddles in the traditional way in combination with modern techniques and tools.


Like the classical violin, the Hardanger fiddle is built around an inner mold. The top is carved out of spruce, while the bottom and the ribs are made of maple, Norwegian black alder or - in some older fiddles - of birch wood. The neck and pegbox with the traditional lion`s head (the Norwegian heraldic lion) are usually carved of the same material as the bottom.

The beautifully decorated fingerboards, tailpieces and pegs are manufactured in our workshop as well. They are made of ebony inlaid with pieces of mother of pearl, bone and metal. For the patterns, we take our inspiration from older fiddles, but we feel free to mix them with our own ideas.

In addition the Hardanger fiddles are lavishly decorated with ink drawings of traditional Norwegian flower patterns.

We are making hardanger fiddles on commission

If you are interested in buying a new fiddle, please contact us to talk about the details and the price of your future instrument.

Pictures and more information about our newly built fiddles you find on our shop page.


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