Welcome to the fiddle making workshop of the Ole Bull Academy

Fiddle Making has a long tradition in the region Hardanger & Voss ...

Beginning with the "Jaastad-fele" from Hardanger, dated 1651 - the earliest known extant Hardanger fiddle - and Isak and Trond Botnen`s fine instruments, the Hardanger fiddle made its way in the 18th century from the Hardanger region into the folk music and instrument making tradition of other areas in Norway.


Since its foundation in 1976 the Ole Bull Academy has devoted itself to the preservation and continuous development of traditional Norwegian folk music and dance. In addition to its main activity, the education of students in Norwegian folk music and folk dance, the Academy runs its own flourishing workshop for Hardanger fiddle making and repair, which attracts many musicians and other people with interest in the Hardanger fiddle. The workshop opened in 2004, when Sigvald Rørlien was employed as a fiddle maker by the Academy.

The workshop

Our workshop just opposite the Academy building is open for everyone from Monday to Friday to bring their hardanger fiddle, bow or any kind of musical instrument made of wood for repair.

We are equipped with the latest tools and machines and work with traditional and modern materials according to the current standards of conservation and repair.


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Making and repairing fiddles and bows

The workshop is staffed by the hardanger fiddle maker Sigvald Rørlien and the musical instruments conservator Wiebke Lüders. They are engaged in the making and repair of hardanger fiddles and bows, always pursuing the highest sound quality.


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Making strings

In our workshop we are producing the MOSAFINN hardanger fiddle strings of the highest quality.





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