Hardanger Fiddles and violins

We have a new Hardanger fiddle for sale at our workshop.

Wiebke Lüders 2024 - Please contact us if you are interested in this Hardanger fiddle.


We have a new violin for sale at our workshop.

This instrument is a copy of the oldest known norwegian violin made by Trond Isaksen Flatebø in 1764 which is exhibited at the Hardanger folkemuseum in Utne. Equipped with 4 additional understrings the instrument combines the versatility of the violin with the unique and rich sound of the hardanger fiddle.

Lukas Pawelka 2023

From time to time we have also old Hardanger fiddles for sale.

Here are more Hardanger fiddles, made at the Ole Bull Academy's workshop, which have already been sold to our customers.

Wiebke Lüders  2023

Wiebke Lüders  2021

Wiebke Lüders 2020

Wiebke Lüders 2018


Wiebke Lüders 2017 - This fiddle was made after the model of a fiddle by Trond Botnen from about 1750. We are making this early type of fiddle on commission. Please contact us if you are interested.

Wiebke Lüders 2016


This Hardanger fiddle was made in 2018 at the Ole Bull Academy's workshop. It was partly made with help of a CNC-router and finely reworked by Sigvald Rørlien, master of Hardanger fiddle making. 


We have no violins for sale right now.


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